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Posted on 05-26-2012

We love this guy! He is 50, AFTER going on a 100% raw diet, he no longer gets sick and looks and feels younger than 2 decades ago, this video he talks about collagen and skin. Did you know ... Watermelon contains glutathione, a prime immune-boosting anti-oxidant that detoxifies the liver from heavy metals and toxins, neutralizes radiation toxicity, inhibits free radicals and helps white blood cells kill bacteria. It contains Carotene and Lycopene, which can reduce prostate cancer by 40% and also reduces other cancers like stomach, colon and cervical, which it lowers 5X! It cuts heart attack risk in half. Oh, and it reduces wrinkles in your face! How does it get any better and easier than this?!! Watermelon Smoothie http://www.MarkusNews.com/ Wow ! With rind and everything. Its actually tastes like ... uh... watermelon! Super healthy and full of anti-aging power. Netflix -"Forks Over Knives", what is possible? All heart disease, hypertension, blood pressure, diabetes, MS, Lupus, Cancer (breast, prostate, bladder, etc.), REVERSIBLE!, the body heals, research, some diseases within 3 weeks are "cured", now what? What will happen to our economy if everyone watched this documentary and knew the truth? What! What! No medications, no pills, no prescriptions, no medical bills on disease, no lotions, no potions, your body is amazing, it is a choice, you choose your quality of life here, what else is possible? http://www.netflix.com/Movie/Forks-Over-Knives/70185045

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