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Posted on 04-21-2012

I invite you to listen to an amazing collection of interviews in the Food Revolution Summit. John Robbins is personally interviewing 21 food movement leaders April 28-May 6. http://foodrevolution.org/cmd.php?af=1451415

With rates of obesity and chronic illness continuing to rise, GMOs penetrating ever deeper into our food supply, and industrialized agriculture reeking havoc on our world, the time... is ripe for big changes. Check out the Food Revolution to learn what you can do! http://foodrevolution.org/cmd.php?af=1451415

Never before has such a remarkable group of visionary leaders come together for a global virtual summit on food. This is a 2012 event you do not want to miss! Check out the Food Revolution http://foodrevolution.org/cmd.php?af=1451415

Genetically engineered food is unlabeled, untested, and you're probably eating it. Genetically modified foods have been linked to toxic and allergic reactions in people; to sickness, sterility and fatalities in livestock; and damage to virtually every organ studied in lab animals. Find out more in the Food Revolution Summit, http://foodrevolution.org/cmd.php?af=1451415

If you don't count French fries, ketchup or pizza as vegetables, more than half of Americans eat no vegetables at all. It's time for a food revolution! Check out the Food Revolution Summit for cutting edge insights from 21 of the top food visionaries in the world. http://foodrevolution.org/cmd.php?af=1451415

Industrial agriculture produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all our factories, cars, trucks, buses, airplanes, trains and ships combined. Find out more, learn what you can do, and be inspired by 21 of the top food leaders in the world at http://foodrevolution.org/cmd.php?af=1451415


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